I lost my beloved husband, Michael, to suicide on Christmas Day 2019. We would do so much together and our biggest joy was going to concerts together. In our short 10 years together, 6 1/2 years of that as husband and wife, I cannot count how many bands we saw. I purchased the heart ring and the charm bead for my rememberance of him. His ring is engraved “Fly High Free Bird I 🤍U” as Free Bird (Lynyrd Skynrd) was his nickname throughout high school and beyond and to listen to the song now tells a story I never heard before. His charm bead is engraved with “I 🤍U Long Long Time” as that was what he always would tell me. I chose purple for both of my rings as it is my favorite color. Sorry babe, I know your color was black. I will always wear my ring so that my love will always be near me and never far from my heart. I will wear the charm bead on special occassions. I cannot thank Ashes Into Glass for creating such a special keepsake that I will treasure forever! Fly High Free Bird and always remember how much you are loved. – Tammy Stanton

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