All items are available in a choice of five colours; Blue, Ruby, Green, Purple or Black and 3 metal types; 9ct Gold, White Gold or Sterling Silver

Tribute Ring

Ashes into Glas Tribute Ring

The Tribute Ring symbolises eternal love and togetherness. It holds a lifetime of special memories and tells a story that is deeply personal to you.

The Tribute Ring is made to fit your finger and your own personal message is inscribed inside the band.

Signet Ring

Ashes into Glass Signet Ring

This ashes ring is a powerful and emotional symbol of eternity and never-ending love. It will remind you that your loved one is alive in your heart.

The stones in Ashes into Glass ® rings are toughened and are almost diamond hard.

Round Pendant

Round Pendant

Wear your Round Pendant close to your heart. It will remind you that your loved one’s spirit is always with you.

We will engrave your own personal message on the back and it comes complete with a hallmarked, 18inch chain.

Long Pendant

Long Pendant

The Long Pendant will remind you that your loved one is alive in your heart.

Your own personal message is delicately engraved around the front of the metal and it comes complete with an 18inch hallmarked chain.

Memorial Cufflinks


Your Memorial Cufflinks are a promise of eternal love and ensure that you continue to share special moments and occasions together.

Each one is diamond-point inscribed to the back with your own personal message.

Memorial Earrings


Ashes into Glass earrings reflect a story of life and a journey of everlasting love.

Each stone is hand-crafted, unique and will possess its own special charm.

Charm Beads

Charm Bead

You will be together always with the Ashes into Glass Charm Bead. It fits all quality bracelet brands including Pandora.

Memorial Paperweight

Ashes into Glass Paperweight

The Memorial Paperweight is jewellery for your home. The design represents a spiritual embrace, the ashes and coloured glass crystals entwined together in a display of mystery and harmony.

Your paperweight will be delicately engraved underneath with your own personal message.