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Pets ashes into cremation jewellery

The Ashes into Glass service is for pets and all other family members. The processes of making ashes to glass are the same.


Your loved one’s ashes are expertly layered together with coloured and crystal glass. The ashes into glass stone is created while molten, at a temperature of 1100C. When it’s finished, we cool it down very slowly in our kiln.

The Stone

Once cool, the stone is completed on our “Coldshop”. It is cut and polished to a fine finish with diamond tools and equipment. It is also toughened. You can be sure that your jewellery will be beautiful to behold and also durable.

The Mount

The mount for your ashes to glass jewellery is cast in a single piece of solid metal. There are no joins or seams so the mount is very strong. You have a choice of sterling silver, 9ct gold or white gold. Our jewellery is hallmarked and also bears our maker’s mark “ASHES”.


We take great care and are very proud of our service and we want the packaging to reflect this. Each item is presented to you gift wrapped together with it’s very own certificate of authenticity.

Our Workshops

All processes of creating your pets ashes to glass jewellery are carried out at our specialist studios at Barleylands Craft Village in Billericay, Essex. We have a showroom here, where you can see the items.