Visit Ashes into Glass

Most people complete their orders with us by post. To do this, please request your free ordering pack. However, you do have the option to visit Ashes into Glass to see your own item being created. Here are the details.

Visit Ashes into Glass

Ashes to jewellery studio

Our workshops are situated at Barleylands Craft Village in Billericay, Essex. We are approximately 20 minutes from junction 29 of the M25.


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If you would like to see our products, you are welcome to come along to our showroom anytime, we're open seven days a week. We have examples of our jewellery and paperweights for you to have a look at.

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You are welcome to visit us to see your own item being created. Our viewing days are on Saturdays, please make an appointment with us.


Ashes to jewellery work close up

Please allow for half an hour at the glassworks per item. You'll see all the important hot glass & ashes parts of the process. The glass then needs to cool slowly for 18 hours and we finish the items in the weeks following your visit.

Family & Friends

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You are welcome to bring family or friends with you; our workshop is spacious enough. Either send your order first and make your appointment later or you are welcome to bring the ashes with you when you come along.

Making the stone

Ashes into Glass Workshop

Ashes into Glass stones are made in layers of coloured glass, your loved one's ashes and molten crystal glass. You have a choice of five colours but all colours are orange at this stage due to the heat.

Making Memories

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Have a cup of tea & we'll show you how we do it.

Firing the Ashes & Glass


The ashes are fired into the stone. Even at this stage, the ashes can be seen clearly in the glass.

The Finished Stone


Each and every Ashes into Glass stone holds it’s very own personality and, just like your loved one, will be different to all others.



Your stone may remind you of a starry sky at night, a wispy cloud up above, or maybe the ashes floating on a gentle breeze.


We take great care when creating your jewellery and we want the packaging to reflect this. Each item is gift wrapped and presented to you complete with it's own certificate of authenticity.


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Your items will be completed in the weeks after your visit. We usually post completed orders via next day, signed for delivery or you are welcome to collect in person if you wish.