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The Ashes into Glass mission

Craftsmen James Watts and Bill Rhodes have built Ashes into Glass into a renowned company with a simple ethos; to provide the very finest products and quality service to their clients and their good name will spread. The success of this ethos can be seen on the Ashes into Glass Facebook Page, which has more than a Million likes. Many of our clients have posted messages of thanks over the years.

Bill sums up their success; “Ours is not just a product, it is a bespoke service. Clients come to us because they trust in us. From first seeing our website, to receiving our Ordering Pack, to knowing where they have sent the ashes, to the care we give our clients throughout the whole process, to the finest quality finished product, beautifully packaged. Our clients know exactly how the items are made and where the ashes are kept. We are very open about our service and families have the option to come along to our workshop to see their items being made. We do these things because we want clients to talk positively about their experience with us. In this way, word will spread.”