Jewellery Care

Ashes into Glass ® Jewellery is designed and crafted with durability in mind. Our gemstones are toughened and require no special care to stay looking as new. Treat it as you would any other precious item. Your jewellery carries a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing fault.


White Gold
White gold is plated with a rhodium metal to enhance its finish. Over time white gold may wear to a pale gold appearance.
Silver jewellery may tarnish if it comes into contact with household cleaning products, perfumes or other everyday chemicals. Tarnish is not permanent and can be cleaned with the supplied polishing cloth.

Please remove your pendant while engaging in sporting activity, manual work and while you sleep to protect the chain from damage due to catching on things. Chains are not covered in our guarantee.

Do not place your memorial paperweight in direct sunlight as it can magnify the sunlight and burn surfaces.
Do not ask any other jeweller to attempt alterations or repairs on your jewellery, we are here if you need any assistance.

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