A treasured pendant, forever close to my heart…

I want to thank Ashes into Glass for my treasured necklace containing the ashes of my beautiful Grandparents, Albert and Beryl. 

My Nana and Gramps were more than just family and more than just Grandparents. They were my best friends.

They were there for me through some of my darkest hours and they showed me so much love and kindness throughout my life. 

I hold lots of wonderful memories of them both which I will treasure forever. 

Gramps taught me to ride my bike and tell the time, we ballroom danced together and he told me stories of his days at sea in the Royal Navy. 

My Nana taught me the true meaning of love. She loved me like no one else. She worshipped the ground I walked on. She taught me how to bake and shop until I drop! 

I cherished them and now I grieve for them. I miss them more than words will ever explain but this necklace will keep them close to my heart forever. It’s truly precious just like they were 🤍

– Claire Louise Jones