Ashes Rings created in memory of Sarah’s Nan…

Thank you Ashes into Glass for my beautiful ring.

Not a day goes by where i don’t think of you Nan, you are always in my thoughts. Losing you in June so suddenly and completely out of the blue is something I’m slowly coming to terms with but still don’t want to accept.

I know you’re still around in spirit, sending me all those little signs to say you’ll always be here, penguins were your favourite and finding anything penguin related in the strangest of places has made me smile on some hard days. 

The seaside will always remind me of you, the days we spent at Reculver, Minnis bay and of course at your lovely little house in Birchington, it will never be the same knowing I wont get to come and see you for a cuppa and a bacon sarnie.

Having this ring will give me more comfort than you’ll ever know. I love and miss you so much.

 x Nanny Seaside x 


– Sarah Jayne