Sam carries the memory of their Mum, wherever they go…

“Hello mr Jones price just a little line from across the miles to let you know that you are loved and thought of have a lovely evening son I’ll see you as soon as is possible bye from mum xx” 

This was one of the last messages I received from me mum. 

You see I never lived with my mum growing up but she was always part of my childhood and even before she passed away in March- she always had her way of checking in every now and then whether it was through her letters or sending her “love across the miles” texts due to her living in Wigan and I in Telford. 

I carry an album and beyond full of memories from our adventures we had when she came to visit- I could make a book out of them. 

For my ring, I wanted something purple as that was her favorite colour. Her love will go more than “across the miles” bc she’s always going to be here for my adventure of life. 

Thanks Ashes into Glass.


– Sam Jones-Price