Tribute Ring – Ashes into Glass

Blog 21

A beautiful Tribute Ring in memory of Kerri’s Nan …

Thank you so much Ashes into Glass for my gorgeous tribute ring containing the ashes of my beautiful Nan. She reached her 100th birthday in January this year, and I was absolutely devastated when she passed away in early May 2020. I have always been so close to her and we spent so many happy hours together having lots of fun and we made memories to last a lifetime. The engraving on the inside of my ring says “Nan forever in my heart” and she will be. To say I was emotional when I put the ring on today is an understatement. I love everything about it. I can’t thank you enough Ashes into Glass. I will always wear my ring! ❤xxxx – Kerri Randall

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Heart Pendant

Blog 19

We created a beautiful Pendant for Sarah in memory of her boy Storm and this is what she said …

This is my beautiful boy Storm. We lost him in June this year due to old age. The day he left my heart broke into pieces. He was the most gentle soul and he truly was my best friend. Always by side. We shared a bond that will never be broken. I will never get used to being without him and now Ashes into Glass have made it possible to have a small piece of him close to my heart wherever I go. I had the clear heart pendant with “my lovely boy” engraved on the back which is what I always called him. I can’t thank everyone at Ashes into Glass enough for what they have done, such an amazing talent and I’m hoping this helps to bring me a little comfort in what has been the worst time of my life. I’m forever grateful to have had this beautiful boy and now this beautiful necklace in my life ❤️🐾 – Sarah Narramore


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Ashes Jewellery

Blog 18

A beautiful reminder of your loved ones.. we created jewellery for Carla and her family and this is what she said …

I have received the most precious gift that I could ever asked for, 3 beautiful pieces of jewellery with My Mums ashes inside. My Mum sadly lost her battle to cancer in July leaving a massive hole in my heart! I am due to get married & also due to be a Mum to identical twin boys in March it breaks my heart that Mum won’t be by my side on 2 of the biggest days of my life. I will now be forever grateful that Mum will be by my side for the rest of my life. I will cherish these forever & will never take them off. Me & My Mum were inseparable I spent every day with My Mum & now feel comfort that she is now close to my heart. I can’t thank Ashes into Glass enough for the amazing service throughout placing my order until I had these beautiful pieces in my possession. Forever & always by my side 💗💗 – Carla Paterson

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Ashes Ring

Blog 17

We created a ring for Carrie, a memorial she will treasure forever …

My Beautiful Auntie Linda lost her battle with cancer on the 15th December 2017. Linda was an amazing person who was loved by everyone who knew her. I received my ring for my 40th Birthday and this is the most precious present I have ever received and I will treasure it forever 😇xx – Carrie-Anne McKean

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Ashes Jewellery

Blog 16

Our memorial jewellery creates an everlasting tribute to your loved ones …

We lost our little boy 3 years ago today due to heart defeat my little girl was so hurt I always see the pain in her eyes she loved her little brother so much. Ashes into Glass made it possible for her to always carry Oakley close to her heart and it brings me comfort that they will always have each other thank you so much your amazing in making people happy 💙❤️ – Tiffany Linford 

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Ashes into Glass Pendant

Blog 15

We created a Pendant for Nicola in memory of her Husband and this is what she said …

Yesterday I received my beautiful heart with my husband, my true soulmates ashes in, he will now truly be with me every minute of every day. And his promise of giving me all his love always ♥️ We lost such a genuine man just 10 weeks today to bowel cancer, only diagnosed as terminal in June and left us mid Sept. He was so brave and cared for everyone else right up until the moment he died and the light then left my world. Nothing can ever replace him but knowing a little piece of him will always be with me and not just a memory will make every step I take a little easier. Thank you Ashes into Glass for giving me such a lovely heart full of love. – Nicola Brown

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Ashes Jewellery

Blog 14

In memory of her Dad, Ashling can now keep her Dad close to her side …

On the 17th December 2018 I lost my Dad to cancer, watching him fade away before my eyes in the hospital and eventually having to say goodbye was the hardest thing I have ever had to do in my life. It has been hard trying to come to terms with it and at times I still try to block it out as if it hasn’t happened. Today I received a part of him back to me in the form of this beautiful ring that I shall wear with pride and cherish everyday as I know I will always have a part of him with me. Miss you always dad. Thank you Ashes into Glass for this beautiful memorable gift that I shall adore forever.

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Ashes Pendant

Blog 12

An Ashes into Glass Pendant created in memory of Ruby …


Thank you so much Ashes into Glass for my beautiful necklace which I received yesterday. We sadly lost our precious Ruby to a brain tumor unexpectedly back in October. She had been fine until she suddenly started having seizures and then went downhill very quickly. She would have been 6 years old on 30th November and we feel that she has been taken from us far too young 🌈💔. I am very grateful that I will now always have a piece of her close to my heart. This necklace will truely be one of the most precious things that I have and will certainly bring me a lot of comfort. Thank you so much to the whole team for such a wonderful gift and amazing service. – Katie Johns 

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Ashes into Glass

Blog 13

We created memorial jewellery for Michelle in memory of her beloved Mum and this is what she said …

Today I received the most precious piece of jewellery I will ever own. We lost Mum earlier this year to Dementia it happened to quickly and I miss mum every day 💔💔  Thank you Ashes into Glass. – Michelle Johnson

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