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Memorial Ring

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A Beautiful Memorial Ring For Angela…

Thank you so much for my beautiful ring, I have a feeling of reconnection with my Dad.

On the inside of the ring I have inscribed ‘One up all up’, he would often start messaging early in the morning and he found it funny to start the messages with that saying. I’d often use it too.

RIP Dad, love you

– Angela Ellis

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Ashes Earrings

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Woody was in safe hands…

Just wanted to say a heartfelt Thank You for creating our beautiful Jewellery and going out of your way to ensure the Earrings arrived in time for my Daughter’s special Birthday.

I knew Woody was in such safe hands from the moment I saw your website and what you’ve created is just stunning.

We will be forever grateful that you’ve enabled us to keep Woody close for the rest of our lives.

– Lee and Kerry Woodall

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Charm Bead

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Something Blue…

Losing my Grandma and Grandad are the two hardest things I have had to go through.

I always imagined they would be at my wedding sitting right at the front. As soon as I got engaged I knew I had to find a way for them to be my “something blue”.

I couldn’t have asked for more beautiful piece to have been made, they both walked down the aisle with me on the day, and this is all I could have asked for.

– Amy Bailey

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Ashes Ring

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A Ring to remember Peter…

Thank you so much for my Silver Ring with my Husbands ashes. 

He was my Husband (Peter) but known as “Stumpy” to us and all his western friends. 

We belonged to a country & western club known as Phoenix Rebels at Leisure Lakes, and we used to do western re-enactments over the years. 

Thank you again, I love the Ring. 

– Margery Boardman

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Memorial Pendant

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A Memorial for Puff…

I just wanted to say thank you for my beautiful Pendant I received today with my beloved bearded dragon Puff’s ashes in it. I’m so happy I get to remember him every day with something so beautiful to wear. 

He was the most spoilt, loved lizard anyone ever knew, and I miss him so much. He was there through so much in my life, and was always there for a snuggle or to sit out in the sun with, but at least I now have him with me forever. 

He was my Puff the Magic Dragon, more affectionately known as Puffler, and he will forever remain my best friend with scales and four legs 🧡

– Sash Snowden

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Ashes into Jewellery

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With you wherever you go…

One year ago today we were delivered the worst news imaginable, and not a day goes by that I don’t think about how strong you stayed through everything and it makes me so proud.

Usually people would take a little time to digest such heartbreaking news but not you, you got us straight on the road and said ‘a walk on the beach with the dog would make any situation better’ and that’s what we were supposed to do on the 9th May every year but here we are. 

With thanks to Ashes into Glass I’ll take you with me wherever I go 🤍

We miss you so much 💔🕊

– Sarah Wells

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Cremation Ashes Charm

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Ellie’s Mother was with her on her wedding day…

I just wanted to say thank you for such a beautiful Charm that my Sister gifted to me on my wedding day. 

Our mum passed away in 2014 after a long battle with cancer. We were 21 and felt completely broken by her loss. It’s taken a long time to move forward and be able to talk about her openly. I cannot express how much this gift means to me. I can now always have her with me wherever I go. Wearing this charm on my wedding day felt like she was holding my hand walking me down the aisle ❤️


My Sister told me how helpful you were helping her select the perfect charm and how great the customer service was. Thank you for providing such a beautiful gift and incredible service.

– Ellie Saleh

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Forever Ring

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My forever ring with my baby boy arrived today, he will forever be with me.

My beautiful boy who we had since he was 8 weeks old, he was our ring bearer and then he became my bestest friend when my husband was killed in 2017.

Bob lost his daddy but kept us going, being the bestest dog ever and always gave the best cuddles. Sadly in Jan 2021 his legs gave way, and ended up having emergency spinal surgery where he had 3 slipped disks removed. Months and months of physio, having his own pram and his own set of wheels but sadly he deteriorated in October last year so I made the heart breaking decision to have him put to sleep. I love you always my baby boy Bobadog.

 He’s now back with his daddy playing fetch 

– Suzi Kraus

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