Ashes into Glass Jewellery


We created jewellery in memory of Harvey for Paula and here is what she said...

Now I’ll have my beautiful boy Harvey with me every time I wear my bracelet. I lost him on 17th December 2019….. he was nearly 16 years old! Miss him every single day. Thank you Ashes into’s just beautiful. ❤️ – Paula Jones 

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“Practically Perfect” Charm Bead


We created a Charm Bead for Chloe in memory of her Auntie Sue..

So today I received my ashes to glass charm bead containing the ashes from my wonderful Auntie Sue. I lost my Auntie Sue in March this year after a short battle with cancer. Nothing will take away the pain and heartbreak of losing someone that was so special to me. But now I have found some comfort knowing that I will always have a piece of her with me where ever I go. Its engraved with the words ‘Practically Perfect’ because that’s what Auntie Sue was and she was a massive Mary Poppins fan so it seemed very fitting. I’ll wear it everyday. Thank you so much Ashes to Glass. – Chloe White 

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Ashes into Glass


We created a Pendant for Jessica in memory of her Grandma ...

I received my necklace today in memory of my Grandma who we sadly lost on the 7th February 2020. I wanted something to have with me all the time to remind me of how special she was. The necklace is beautiful and the service I’ve received has been wondeful. Thank you for allowing me to have my Grandma close to me at all times ❤️ – Jessica Pearce

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Ashes into Glass Pendant


We created a Heart Shaped Pendant for Sarah in memory of her husband ...

Thank you so much Ashes into Glass, I have recently received my beautiful Heart Pendant, my husband Kevin lost his cancer battle in February aged 48 years old, he fought it till the very end and I am so proud to have been called his Wife. Kevin has left a huge hole in both my heart and our 2 sons hearts that will never be filled. Having this Pendant means I can have Kevin close to my heart and he will always be with me.♥️♥️ – Sarah Borthwick

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Charm Bead


We created a Charm Bead for Sammi in memory of both her Nan & Grandad ...

I recently lost my Nan and Grandad within 7 months of each other. With much thanks to Ashes into Glass I now have them close to me by having a beautiful charm containing both Ashes, engraved with the words “Always with me xxx”.
The photo really doesn’t do any justice, the charm is absolutely beautiful. – Sammi Jo 

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Tribute Ring


We created a Tribute ring in memory of Courtney's step Dad ...

Thank you so much to Ashes into Glass for my beautiful tribute ring. I bought my ring in tribute to my step dad who passed away on the 14th of April 2015 we lost him very suddenly in a RTC. We miss him more than words can express and now I have him back holding my hand forever ❤️ – Courtney Lee 

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Ashes Jewellery


Becky's Brother will always be by her side with an everlasting memory ...

My amazing brother tragically died 💔😪 February 2020. My heart is truly broken. He had such a zest for life and would light up any room. A little piece of him will always be with me now. I hope I do you proud bro. I promise to try and live the best life I can and with you by my side I’m hoping it will be a little easier . I love and miss you so much xxx – Becky Chilvers

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Ashes into Glass Jewellery


We created memorials for Cassie and her family ..

I am blown away by how beautiful this is. Thank you Ashes into Glass so so much. My boyfriends little sister passed away in 2015, and half of the family now have ashes to glass rings; earrings etc, and it was my time to have a piece of her with me forever. ❤️
I can never thank you enough, from all of us. Malaika Adam. 2008-2015. – Cassie Marie 

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Ashes Pendant


We created a beautiful Pendant for Jamie and this is what she said...

I lost my Dad suddenly in April 2019 after a stroke. We were devastated. I’ve had my necklace since September but during this worrying time it brings me great comfort that I have my Dad with me. On the back it says “That’ll do pig, Love SJC xx” When I walked downstairs on my wedding day in my dress many years ago he looked at me, smiled, and said “That’ll do pig” and he always signed things with his initials SJC. Thank you for enabling me to keep him with me, your service was outstanding! 🥰 – Jamie Louise

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