Ashes Pendant

We created a beautiful Pendant for Jamie and this is what she said…

I lost my Dad suddenly in April 2019 after a stroke. We were devastated. I’ve had my necklace since September but during this worrying time it brings me great comfort that I have my Dad with me. On the back it says “That’ll do pig, Love SJC xx” When I walked downstairs on my wedding day in my dress many years ago he looked at me, smiled, and said “That’ll do pig” and he always signed things with his initials SJC. Thank you for enabling me to keep him with me, your service was outstanding! 🥰 – Jamie Louise

Ashes into Glass Jewellery

We created memorial jewellery for Lyndsey and this is what she said…

Last week I received the most precious thing I own now. Thank you so much I absolutely love my jewellery 😍 my Dad sadly passed away on 08.02.2020 💔 but he will always be with me now no matter where I go – Lyndsey Cusick 

Ashes into Glass Ring

We created a memorial ring for Denise in memory of her Mum ..

I have just received my beautiful ring.
Thank you Ashes into Glass I can now have my mum with me everywhere I go.
I chose the colour blue as it was her favourite colour and with the engraving my mum my best friend, as that is what she was to me.
I lost my mum in January, she died of multiple organ failure, she was never the same after losing her husband (my dad) in 2018, she also had dementia, and she couldn’t take it in that he had died, so we had a necklace done with dads ashes in (as you can see in photo) so now I have my mum and dad with me always.
Thank you again so so much. – Denise Avis

Ashes Pendant

We created a Pendant for Lucy in memory of her Dad …

Thank you so much Ashes into Glass. It has taken me a while to write this. I lost the best Dad in the world in November 2019. I received this beautiful necklace made with his ashes which means he can always be with me. I love it and I am so thankful to have it. Thank you for making it. Highly recommended. The photo below is of Dad holding me (his only child) when I was three months old. My mum always said we were two peas in a pod and looking at this photo, she was so right. I miss them both every day. ❤️❤️😢😢xx – Lucy Waldock 

Ashes into Glass Ring

We created a ring for Megan in memory of her Grandad..

Thank you very much Ashes into Glass for this beautiful ring in loving memory of my grandad who I sadly lost on 30th January. Everyday now he can be with me “forever and always” he was a truly special man who I will forever love and cherish. Keep playing that Organ up there and I will meet you again one day 💛x – Megan Buckland

Ashes Ring

We created a memorial for Laura in memory of her Mum …

In memory of My Beautiful Mum, taken far too soon. Its beautiful thank you and the service was fantastic you kept us up to date by messages on every step in I had to have my beautiful Beau put to sleep in October after being diagnosed with lymphoma. She gave us all so much love and happiness. I decided to have a ring made which I had engraved always in my heart . She is now always with me ❤ – Laura Bamford 

Ashes into Glass Ring

We created a ring in memory of Aoife …

I have a lovely green ring with my beautiful granddaughter Aoife’s ashes in, made by Ashes into Glass. This gold ring is really beautiful, but more importantly I know have Aoife with me wherever I go forever. Thank you Ashes into Glass – Pat Flanangan

Ashes Ring

We created a ring in memory of Dexter and Dash, here is what Annette said …

At the beginning of October we lost Dexter & Dash…‘ The Boys ‘. They were inseparable, so it was fitting when we chose Ashes into Glass to make my ring that their ashes were combined. We had them for much too short a time but gave them a lifetime of love! The inscription in my ring ‘The Boys….Loved xx’ is our reminder. So thank you Ashes for a fantastic and prompt service, every detail is considerate and sympathetic and very much appreciated xx – Annette Rubery

Ashes into Glass Pendant

Chloe received her gift and this is what she wrote to us …

I lost my younger brother to suicide in august just passed, some days I don’t even think i’ve got it in me to keep going without him so my Mum got me this ring (along with her own Pendant) so that we can carry Shaun with us wherever we go. It’s engraved with “i love you always” as it’s the last thing he said to me so it’s a beautiful reminder that I can hold close. It’s so beyond perfect & it makes me feel like he’s right there with me, whenever I struggle I just have to look at it and know he’s by my side always. Thank you to my Mama for the gift, & to Ashes into Glass for giving me a piece of my best friend back. – Chloe Beattie 

Ashes into Glass Pendant

We created jewellery for Rachel in memory of her Dad …

Last week, my Dad came home to me. To say I was devastated when he passed away on 3rd August 2019 is an understatement. He has left a huge void in my life and my heart and I will miss him until I take my last breath. I just knew I had to have a tribute necklace made. The white gold is mine and the yellow gold is my Mum’s. He will now be with me in everything I do. Knowing he is with me makes the grief a little bit easier to cope with. Thank you Ashes into Glass. – Rachel Hawkins