Ashes Pendant

Leah Payne

Poppy is always close to Leah’s heart with her Ashes Pendant…

This is my beautiful necklace from ashes into glass. They contain the ashes of my baby girl Poppy, who was born prematurely in February this year. She passed away on my chest peacefully 6 days later, the hardest day of my life. My necklace is a conversation piece for many people, especially those familiar with the company, and I absolutely love talking about her, so thank you all for my precious gift. Forever treasured, Poppy

– Leah Payne

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Ashes into Glass

Laura Kate

Memorial keepsakes to remember Laura’s Father…

My Dad passed away unexpectedly this year. At this age, I never thought I would have to say goodbye to my own father. To be able to have these pieces of jewellry and know that a part of him will be with me everywhere I go and for all the next lot of milestones in my life is beyond replaceable. From the start to finish Ashes into Glass had amazing communication – my dads birthday is in 3 days and to have this arrive just in time makes me speechless. (Im from Australia) Thankyou for all that you do.

– Laura Kate

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Ashes Ring


We made Kelsey a memorial Ring in memory of her Dad…

Thank you to all the people at Ashes into Glass who made my gorgeous ring. My dad passed away in July 2021 after a very short battle with Myeloma. My dad was the life and soul of the party, there will always be certain songs that when I hear them, I’ll see him pogoing around the room in my mind. The inscription is something very personal. Whenever I would message my dad and tell him something, he would always reply “10,4”. It means “understood”. How I miss receiving those simple numbered texts, but now I have dad and his little message with me always.

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Memorial Ring & Charm


We made Gail a Ring & Charm so that Forest will always be by her side…

On the 17th August 2021 we lost our beautiful boy Forest over the rainbow bridge, he was only 3 and a half, he had a massive heart attack, I can truly say my heart broke that day he was such an important part of our family . While searching a way to honour his memory I came across Ashes into Glass having read all the good reviews we decided to have a ring and charm made . Today we picked them up and I can honestly say that in trusting them with my precious boy was the right decision, they really are stunning. I can take comfort that he’s with me wherever I go.

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Rings & Pendants


Lasting tributes for a loving Husband and Father…

Over the moon with our beautiful ashes into glass. A ring for myself and 2 pendants for my girls with a sprinkle of my late husbands ashes. How amazing to have such a personal keepsake of the person who meant the world to us. Absolutely amazing jewellery to tread for the rest of our lives. Craig Anthony ellis. 05.06.69 – 11.03.21.

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Ashes Ring


We made Bex an Ashes Ring and this is what she said…

Wow. I lost my mom in June and I miss her beyond words. Receiving this ring today has brought me so much joy, a feeling of closeness and knowledge that she can be with me on all of life’s adventures. It is a wonderful tribute, so well made and the inscription is beautiful. Customer service also excellent.

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Ashes into Glass


With the Ring we made her, Lilly will always be by Amy’s side…

A piece of my heart was taken from me 6-01-2021. My poor girl Lilly had suffered with collapsing trachea and we had to let her go. Today her ashes arrived in this beautiful ring just in time to celebrate what would have been her 12th Birthday, Thursday 9-02-2021 Love and miss you every day my “Lilly Girl”

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Memorial Ring

Amanda Pope

We made Amanda a ring so that she can hold her Mum close…

Just want to say how overwhelmed at how beautiful and perfect my ring is for my wonderful Mum, we lost our beautiful Queen on the 8th of July and our lives will never be the same. I didn’t realise just how much I would find comfort as soon as I put the ring on…thanks so much for such an amazing gift to have and cherish always..wherever I go mum you go…together always.


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