Ashes Ring and Pendant


We created a Pendant and Ring for Kerry in memory of her Dad...

Received my beautiful ring and mums pendant yesterday. We lost Dad on 18th February to Cancer, so happy that he will always be with us in our beautiful jewellery. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all your help and support 💕 – Kerry Gibson

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Ashes into Glass Ring


A Beautiful 30th Birthday gift for Coral, a memorial ring in memory of her Grandma...

Today I received my Ashes into Glass Ring. My wonderful Husband had this made for me for my 30th birthday, as he knew just how special my Grandma meant to me, sadly we lost her in January 2020 to Alzheimer’s. Engraved says Forever your Pansy Ann, this was her little nickname for me. I’m so thankful she’ll always be here with me everywhere I go. – Coral Sanderson

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Ashes into Glass Ring


"I will always love you" Zoe's words to her brother Lee ...

The ashes in my ring belong to my darling little brother Lee. Lee was taken from us too soon, the justice served will never be enough. Lee was special in so many ways, in good times and unhappy times he always lit up the room with his mischievous courage and smile 😊 my strongest memory of my brother is everything he was, I can’t pinpoint a specific time because every memory is precious to me, but I think of the happy family holidays we shared as lee grew up, the laughter, and the tantrums. I decided to have My item engraved with ‘I will always love you x x x’ which is from Whitney Houstons classic song and was our song. I chose this ring for lees ashes so I will have him holding my hand forever, just like he did as a little boy. I will wear this ring forever 🥰💞 – Zoe Cooper 

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Memorial Paperweight


Wendy and her Dad were pleased with the Memorial Paperweights we made in memory of Wendy's Mum ...

After loosing my Mum to a heart attack November 2018 we had her ashes made into Paperweights for myself and my Dad his was green, and they are just perfect. Thank you for giving me a piece of my Mum xxx – Wendy Collins

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Memorial Paperweight


Antonio, a dear Husband remembered by his loved ones ...

Thank you Ashes into Glass for turning one of the most painful moments of my life into something so beautiful and special! I lost my dear husband far too soon this year at only 46 😥 mine and my children’s world has been turned upside down but we now have such a beautiful memory to treasure forever and ever 💙 Antonio you’ve left too soon but your smile and kindness will forever be in our hearts and memories 💙 – Vanessa Dana

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Ashes into Glass Jewellery


We created jewellery in memory of Harvey for Paula and here is what she said...

Now I’ll have my beautiful boy Harvey with me every time I wear my bracelet. I lost him on 17th December 2019….. he was nearly 16 years old! Miss him every single day. Thank you Ashes into’s just beautiful. ❤️ – Paula Jones 

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“Practically Perfect” Charm Bead


We created a Charm Bead for Chloe in memory of her Auntie Sue..

So today I received my ashes to glass charm bead containing the ashes from my wonderful Auntie Sue. I lost my Auntie Sue in March this year after a short battle with cancer. Nothing will take away the pain and heartbreak of losing someone that was so special to me. But now I have found some comfort knowing that I will always have a piece of her with me where ever I go. Its engraved with the words ‘Practically Perfect’ because that’s what Auntie Sue was and she was a massive Mary Poppins fan so it seemed very fitting. I’ll wear it everyday. Thank you so much Ashes to Glass. – Chloe White 

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