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Ashes Pendant

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A treasured pendant, forever close to my heart…

I want to thank Ashes into Glass for my treasured necklace containing the ashes of my beautiful Grandparents, Albert and Beryl. 

My Nana and Gramps were more than just family and more than just Grandparents. They were my best friends.

They were there for me through some of my darkest hours and they showed me so much love and kindness throughout my life. 

I hold lots of wonderful memories of them both which I will treasure forever. 

Gramps taught me to ride my bike and tell the time, we ballroom danced together and he told me stories of his days at sea in the Royal Navy. 

My Nana taught me the true meaning of love. She loved me like no one else. She worshipped the ground I walked on. She taught me how to bake and shop until I drop! 

I cherished them and now I grieve for them. I miss them more than words will ever explain but this necklace will keep them close to my heart forever. It’s truly precious just like they were 🤍

– Claire Louise Jones

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Memorial Jewellery

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Ashes transformed into a cherished ring

I cannot thank Ashes into Glass enough for creating this beautiful ring out of my boys ashes. Doobie was SO special to me and I wanted to be able to always carry him with me wherever I go. 

I chose his gem to be made blue since that was always the color leash, sweater, collar, and bandana I had him in. 

The band is engraved “forever my goodest boy” 

Doobie, you could truly never be replaced. You will always hold the biggest place in my heart. & I will miss you every day until we finally meet again at the rainbow bridge. 

– Kayli Schofield

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Keepsake Memorials

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Memorial keepsakes bringing comfort…

Thank you Ashes into Glass for our beautiful memorial keepsakes. 

My wonderful dad sadly lost his battle with Alzheimer’s and tragically passed away in October 2022 aged 59 years old.

These keepsakes mean so much to myself, mum and brother. It is so comforting to have him close to us, always. 

My dad was a beautiful human and had the kindest nature towards all. He has left a huge hole in our lives and will always be missed. 

– Tazmine, Michele and Nathan Bartram 

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Memorial Jewellery

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Treasured forever…keeping memories alive…


I am absolutely over the moon with the two pieces of jewellery made for me by Ashes into Glass.

I lost my fiancé suddenly December just passed in a motorbike accident, he was only 28. It’s completely turned my world upside down. He’s my absolute world so I’m finding it so incredibly painful and hard to come to terms with. The ring and the charm that have been made for me have given me so much comfort, I love knowing that he is with me everywhere I go and we are still doing life together, even if it isn’t the way we planned


The detail and the finish on both pieces is so beautiful I can’t thank you enough! My photos don’t do them justice. I loved the extra touch of being able to get the ring engraved, I added ‘all that I’ll ever need’ inside as we were due to get married this July and those lyrics are from our first dance song.

Thank you for bringing a little bit of my Paul back to life through these beautiful pieces of jewellery, I’ll treasure them forever.

– Rio Fisher

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Memorial Ring

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Sarah’s Dad is forever with her…

Thank you for my beautiful memorial ring. 

It’s still hard to accept that my wonderful Dad passed away 2 years ago. He was one of my favourite people in the entire world and even though we can’t have our little chats anymore I will forever have a little part of with me wherever I go. 🥰

– Sarah Woolnough

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Ashes into Jewellery

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Alfie Moon will go everywhere with Shannon…

Thank you so much Ashes into Glass for my beautiful ring with my handsome furbaby Alfie. 

I lost him in September, he was my best friend for 16 years and I feel lost without him. 

You have given me my Alfie Moon back and he can come with me everywhere I go. Words can’t describe how much this ring means to me and what you have given me by creating such a beautiful tribute of my boy.

Engraved ‘I love you mr moon’ which is what I used to say to him everyday and every night before going to sleep ❤️

– Shannon Puttock

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Ashes Creations

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Cheryl’s Daughter is always with her now…

Thank you Ashes into Glass for our beautiful creations. 

Our daughter tragically died in May aged 21 years old. These keepsakes will ensure that she is with us every day and hopefully in time give us some comfort.

We cannot express our gratitude.  💕

– Cheryl Davidson

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