Ashes into Glass Pendant

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We created an Ashes into Glass Round Pendant in memory of Blossom Iris and received this beautiful message ..

Today I received my Ashes into Glass Pendant containing the ashes of my beautiful 4 year old daughter Blossom Iris. I chose the necklace with the purple stone as this was Blossom’s favourite colour and she always loved a sparkly necklace or “amulet” as she would call it from watching Disney’s Sofia the first.We lost Blossom on Thursday 25th August 2016 whilst on a family holiday in Spain following a drowning accident several days previous. Our lives were destroyed that day and will be changed forever but knowing I have her around my neck and close to my heart, just like one of her hugs brings so much comfort. Wherever we go she will go too and a part of her will have been in all the places we will visit in the future. The engraving on the back says “you are my sunshine” which we would sing to each other every morning getting dressed for nursery. The service you have provided was seamless from beginning to end and the necklace even arrived several days earlier than expected. I can’t thank you enough for your utmost care and professionalism. Thank you.

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Ashes into Glass Tribute Ring

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We created an Ashes into Glass Tribute Ring with a Blue Stone for Rich in memory of his Dad ...

We lost our wonderful dad in March this year, feeling totally devastated and totally lost without this strong ,independent talented loving man who adored his girls and grandchildren my sisters and I decided to order tribute rings from ashes into glass so we could have a part of him with us every day. Our rings arrived today and we are pleased they did, with fathers day just few days away , our first without him , these beautiful tribute rings will help us feel close to him and give us comfort knowing not only is he watching over us, now a part of him is with us in this special piece of jewellery . Thankyou ashes to glass x

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Heart Shaped Pendant

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We created a Blue Heart Pendant for Emma in memory of Charlie..

I received my gorgeous Ashes into Glass necklace today for my birthday as a surprise from my parents. In utter shock and so emotional. Charlie was my childhood dog, he was the sweetest thing and was there through some tough times. No other can compare. He passed some years ago but still very much cherished, talked about and forever in my thoughts. No words can describe the feeling I have now I can have him close by every day.

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Grandma & Mums Ashes

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We made a beautiful ring for Emma Pyatt with the ashes of her Grandma and Mum and received this lovely...

Today I received my beautiful ring with my grandma and my mums ashes, My grandma passed away on the 5th July last year 2018 age 93, she was the 1st person I had lost who was close too me in the family and it broken my heart, never too this day did I think I would loose my mum near on 6 months later age 59 on the 13th February 2019, it wasn’t expected it was such a shock too us all, it still doesn’t feel real now, she wasn’t just my mum she was my best friend and the best nanny too my two boys, the special thing too me is she adopted me when I was the age 6 weeks old, Iknow I made her life everything she could of wanted if not more and then too give her 2 grandsons she was over the moon, we all miss her so much she really was the best I wouldn’t of picked any one else too adopt me and bring me up, she gave me everything, when loosing grandma and then mum it only felt right too put them together in the ring, the night before mums funeral me and my auntie (mums sister) said we want a rainbow on the day and we couldn’t believe it after at the wake that was what we got the brightest rainbow in the sky 🌈 The engraving is (always send me rainbows x) Thankyou too ashes in to glass for this lovely ring, I can now carry on doing things with my mum and grandma knowing they are with me every step of the way 🌈

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Charm Of My Furbaby


We made an ashes charm for Kirsty Davies in memory of her Staffy and received this mesage;

FOREVER MY FURBABY 💜 … I can’t thank Ashes Into Glass enough for my charm that arrived today. Their service is beyond amazing from the second they receive your order. After losing my little Staffy bums in January 2017 it’s taken till now to part with even the smallest bit of her ashes and my hands were shaking when I got to the post box. I still miss her every day, her curling up with me, her wagging tail and even her trying to argue with me when she saw biscuits on side and she was told no (yes, I gave in !)

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You’ll Never Walk Alone


Joanne Holberry's dad will be always with her in her beautiful necklace;

🦋🦋On the 21st February 2019 my dad left us suddenly, no warning. I never got to say goodbye even now it doesn’t feel real, that day a part of me left with him, it’s a pain no one can describe he was only 67. I want to Thank Ashes into glass for my beautiful necklace it is just perfect and now my dad will always be next to my heart wherever I go. I had the engraving you’ll never walk alone as he was a huge Liverpool fan and it was our departing song at his funeral. #Daddysgirl #Ashesintoglass #Inlove 🦋

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Cremation Jewellery – Charm Bead

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We made an ashes charm bead in memory of Abi Hulme's Dad and received this heartfelt message;

“I sadly lost my dad at the end of March this year and my heart was broken. He died unexpectedly at the age of 60. It was such a shock to my family and I and we were all left feeling devastated by our sudden loss. The thing that I found the hardest was coming to terms with the fact that I’d never see or be with my dad again, especially since we were very close and had such a special bond. I had heard about cremation jewellery before I lost my dad and I didn’t really know how I felt about the idea but when he died I longed to have him near to me again and I realised how special cremation jewellery is as it allows this wish to be granted.

I received my Ashes into Glass charm today and I cannot describe how it has made me feel. As soon as I wore it I felt like we were together once again. I chose to have his ashes set in purple glass as it is the colour of his birthstone. I will wear my bracelet every day for the rest of my life and know that my dad is beside me always.

Thank you so much Ashes to Glass for your amazing work. I did a lot of research before ordering my Ashes jewellery as I knew how important it was to use a reputable company and you have really exceeded all of my expectations💜”

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Ring With My Dad’s Ashes

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We made a Tribute Ring for Lauren Reid in memory of her amazing dad and received this message;

I can’t thank Ashes into Glass enough for making this amazing ring with my dads ashes in it. It means so much to me I will have him with me no matter what. This man meant so much in the little time I had with him ❤ love and miss you so much Dad 😘 xx – Lauren Reid

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Gemma Morgan’s Ashes Ring

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Thank you Gemma Morgan for this lovely message about the ashes ring we created in memory of your dad.

Thank you Ashes Into Glass for my beautiful ring. My dads ashes Jon Morgan ♥️ a photo here of us both. The ring is beautiful gold and green. It’s perfect. Even more amazing it arrived on my 30th birthday today!!!!! A gift from my dad ♥️ Thank you again, love Gemma

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