Memorial Ring

Rachel Hubbard

Tania’s Mom is alwas close with her Ashes Ring…

Today I received my beautiful necklace with the ashes of my boy  I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to finally have something I can carry with me always to keep him close to my heart. He was far more than just a dog, he was my rock, my best friend and I loved him unconditionally. Buddy stayed by my side through a marriage, a divorce, a new relationship, 2 step children coming into our lives, 3 house moves, 2 job changes, an early pregnancy loss and in his last months, my current pregnancy. He did everything without causing any fuss and was just the best. At just 6 years old he was diagnosed with terminal cancer and given just 8 weeks to live. He went on to live 19 months more and it was only the last few weeks that he went downhill. We never wanted him to suffer so made the heartbreaking decision to let him sleep. He was loved by so many people, and just so full of character and love. I miss him more than words can explain, when he passed I was 5 months pregnant, I’m due in a few weeks and now knowing I can have him with me has made everything feel so much easier. I can’t praise Ashes into Glass enough for their service and how they go about the whole process. It’s been so easy from start to finish and now I have a part of my boy with me always.

– Rachel Hubbard

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Memorial Ring

Tania Mitchell

Tania’s Mom is alwas close with her Ashes Ring…

I can’t Thank You enough for my gorgeous ring. I have admired your jewellery for a while and love seeing other people’s pictures and posts of the jewellery that you have made containing the ashes of their lost loved ones. I never thought for a moment that my beautiful Mom would become a precious piece of your jewellery so soon. I tragically lost my mom Sylvia on 24th April 2021 after a short illness aged 77. Not a single day goes by that I don’t think about her, miss her and wish she was still here with me so I could tell her how much I love her. I was so excited when my parcel from you arrived on Wednesday and how lovely it was all packaged. My Mom will not only now be with me on my wedding day 19th June 2022 but she will also be my something BLUE. My ring says Always With Me and will remain on my finger until the day I am with my Mom again.

– Tania Mitchell

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Ashes Jewellery

Tracey Watts

Tracey’s Husband is forever with her when with her Ashes Ring…

My lovely husband was diagnosed with oesophageal cancer in 2019 and after a huge fight we thought we had beaten it, in March this year we found out the devestating news it was back and sadly 6 weeks later I lost my world and my soul mate. He was my everything, but he always wanted the best for me, our family and our friends, he was ‘Totsy’ to them all My beautiful ring came today and it is amazing inscribed ‘Totsy with me always’ , because I know he always will be. I cannot thank everyone enough for this, it has made me so emotional. My hero, my husband.

– Tracey Watts

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Ashes Ring

Steph Potts

We made an Ashes Ring for Steph and this is what she said…

On the 7th June 2021 my dad aged 54 got taken away from me I loved him so much & to make sure he’s with me daily I purchased this absolute beautiful ring from Ashes into Glass. My dad was always my father & I was always his little girl so engraved inside the ring it says “My dad love your girl xx” This is my 2nd purchase from ashes into glass as I have my grandad in a beautiful necklace  such treasured items to keep forever So thank you to all the team that is making my days better knowing my dad can come with my on my adventures.

– Steph Potts

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Ashes Charm Bead

Erin Tunstall

Now Bonnie will always be by Erin’s side…

Today I received the gorgeous ruby bead of my Bonnie’s ashes. She passed away December 2020. I miss her so much but love that she will be with me every step of the way. There was nothing like an adventure with Bonnie. She now is next to her partner in crime again, my Baloo, on my wrist! Such a lovely item to have and such a lovely and professional service.

– Erin Tunstall

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Ashes Pendant

Leah Payne

Poppy is always close to Leah’s heart with her Ashes Pendant…

This is my beautiful necklace from ashes into glass. They contain the ashes of my baby girl Poppy, who was born prematurely in February this year. She passed away on my chest peacefully 6 days later, the hardest day of my life. My necklace is a conversation piece for many people, especially those familiar with the company, and I absolutely love talking about her, so thank you all for my precious gift. Forever treasured, Poppy

– Leah Payne

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Ashes into Glass

Laura Kate

Memorial keepsakes to remember Laura’s Father…

My Dad passed away unexpectedly this year. At this age, I never thought I would have to say goodbye to my own father. To be able to have these pieces of jewellry and know that a part of him will be with me everywhere I go and for all the next lot of milestones in my life is beyond replaceable. From the start to finish Ashes into Glass had amazing communication – my dads birthday is in 3 days and to have this arrive just in time makes me speechless. (Im from Australia) Thankyou for all that you do.

– Laura Kate

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Ashes Ring


We made Kelsey a memorial Ring in memory of her Dad…

Thank you to all the people at Ashes into Glass who made my gorgeous ring. My dad passed away in July 2021 after a very short battle with Myeloma. My dad was the life and soul of the party, there will always be certain songs that when I hear them, I’ll see him pogoing around the room in my mind. The inscription is something very personal. Whenever I would message my dad and tell him something, he would always reply “10,4”. It means “understood”. How I miss receiving those simple numbered texts, but now I have dad and his little message with me always.

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Memorial Ring & Charm


We made Gail a Ring & Charm so that Forest will always be by her side…

On the 17th August 2021 we lost our beautiful boy Forest over the rainbow bridge, he was only 3 and a half, he had a massive heart attack, I can truly say my heart broke that day he was such an important part of our family . While searching a way to honour his memory I came across Ashes into Glass having read all the good reviews we decided to have a ring and charm made . Today we picked them up and I can honestly say that in trusting them with my precious boy was the right decision, they really are stunning. I can take comfort that he’s with me wherever I go.

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